The Foot and Ankle Practice Services
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  • Sports and dance injuries.

  • Surgical repair of acute and chronic ligament and tendon injuries including Achilles.

  • Treatment of foot deformities including bunions and other toe deformities such as mallet toe and hammer toe problems.

  • Taylor’s bunion - painful prominent deformity at the little toe similar to big toe bunion).

  • Diagnosis and treatment of interdigital Morton’s Neuroma.

  • Treatment of heel pain both non-surgical and surgical.

  • Treatment of Plantar fasciitis.

  • Corrective surgery in foot deformities and bony prominences.

  • Treatment of arthritis of the big toe including cheilectomy, interpositional joint implants and arthrodesis (fusion).

  • Ankle replacement surgery both primary and revision.

  • Keyhole surgery to the ankle, subtalar and big toe joints including cartilage surgery and microfracture.

  • Reconstructive and corrective surgery to painful flat foot and Cavus deformities.

  • Revision/Reconstructive surgery (for previously failed surgery or resulting from injury or serious trauma).

  • Mr Ramos can offer a second opinion when the Patient is not sure as to what treatment to pursue or is seeking reassurance or further information from an experienced surgeon. Advice on future prognosis.